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About us

Tampere Startup Hub is a community built by Startups for Startups. It provides a platform for Startups to grow and collaborate with each other. We have office spaces in the heart of Tampere and we work together to help our members become global success stories. Most of the current startups were previously based in New Factory and grew in their incubator into a strong startup community. Now we want to take it to the next level and become a leading innovation platform in Finland and to be an essential part of smart Tampere ecosystem.


For event, partnership or sponsorship inquiries contact directly our members of the committee.
You can also email us at info@startuphub.fi

Markus Klöf


+358 45 877 6088

Jukka Janhunen

Vice Chairman

+358 40 568 9820

Joona Forss

Member of the Board

+358 44 552 1988

Joni Lappalainen

Member of the Board

+358 44 284 8805